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Postnatal Depression (PND)

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression (PND) is more than the baby blues where a mother feels teary, anxious and may have mood swings in the first week or so after giving birth. Furthermore, PND can affect both mums and dads. Importantly, as a society, we need to view this as an illness that impinges on mums and dads who are trying to do their best to nurture their baby's development and happiness.

Because of the social stigma that still seems to be attached to this illness many people suffer in silence, afraid that others will judge them as being an 'unfit' parent. So, if we blow away the myth that 'parenting (especially mothering) comes naturally' with the birth of a baby we would be much better equipped to being open about the fact that parenting, for the majority of us, is extremely strenuous and it doesn't come naturally.

Your wellbeing as a mum and a dad is most important in enabling you to enjoy the love and laughter of your developing relationship with Baby. The illness of postnatal depression drains parents of this. The sooner the symptoms are recognised the sooner mums and dads can develop a family relationship that is less burdened, leading to enjoyment.

For all parents it is important to let others know how you are feeling.