bond with baby


Bonding with Baby

The video demonstrations provide you with a starting point of how to use the Bond With Baby play activities and the Songs, Rhymes and Music. Be inspired to extend and create your own 'style' of using the developmentally appropriate rhymes and songs, as you and Baby develop your loving relationship.

Importantly, the demonstrations show how to sensitively interact using the activities - through vocal and facial expression, gestures, touch and rhythmical movement - all of which combine to develop a loving bond with Baby.

You may be wondering why I have used a mannequin doll for the demonstrations. The demonstrations are showing parents ways of using the activities, not about showing babies' 'real-life' responsiveness. Your precious baby is unique and will have his or her own way of showing what it means to spend enjoyable time with you.

Note: The mannequin doll is for 'demonstration purposes only'. At all times when performing activities with your Baby ensure that your interactions are sensitive to his/her stage of development and are not harmful to Baby.

Note: To play the video click on the play symbol '►' in the bottom left-hand corner of the video below.

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