bond with baby

Parenting Styles

Developing Parenting Practices

Over time you will develop your parenting practices that will enhance Baby's development.

Below are summarised points for establishing parenting practices that should be considered. However, there is more comprehensive reading available throughout the sections of Bond With Baby:

  • As well as meeting Baby's physical needs, providing loving interactions and consistently being sensitive and responsive to Baby is a major starting point to developing a companionable relationship with him/her (discussed in Bonding and Beyond).
  • Protect baby from harm and injury (discussed in Babies' Safety).
  • Develop routineness within the caregiving day (discussed in Shaping the Day).
  • Put some balance into daily life with Baby by ensuring there is time for fun and relaxation (discussed in Shaping the Day).
  • Have social contact with others, go on outings and develop friendships with other parents who you enjoy as company (discussed in Parenting: From the Beginning → Social Support and Parenting).
  • Consistently guide Baby. Support her development by providing opportunities to learn through play and exploring her environment. Ease her frustrations as she learns to cope with life in a 'big world' (discussed in Development and Learning → The 'How To' Guide).
  • Establish family rituals and traditions as discussed Next.