bond with baby

Interact with Baby

Rythmical Movement

Baby on Mother's Knees

Babies are born to respond to the rhythmical flow of movement, as rhythmical movement stimulates humans' sense of pleasure. So when a parent rocks, sways, dances or knee jogs with Baby, both are experiencing pleasure!

Using the Bond With Baby rhymes, music and songs as accompaniment can further enhance this pleasure with Baby by inducing certain moods. For example, as part of your much needed relaxation in a day (discussed in Shaping the Day → Let's Relax) play a piece of music as you waltz around the room with Baby in your arms. When you sing a lullaby, it will be instinctive for you to want to rock/sway with Baby to the calming flow of the song. And ... when you are ready for fun, you can sing and dance, tap and clap to up-beat songs and rhymes. Baby and parent are synchronized through the flow of movement and predictability of rhythm, bonding together. Then as Baby develops she will discover the fun of 'bopping' herself to music, and with parents' encouragement the simplicity and enjoyment of movement to the rhythms of music can continue right throughout the years.