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Baby's Crying

Soothing Baby

Mother Cuddling BabyThis whole new world to Baby can be very overwhelming, and she is relying on you for comfort.

Based on the importance of parents' interactions, there has been much research into what helps to soothe babies. Let's go through some of the specific interactions that are particularly beneficial:

  • Cuddling and talking in a loving and reassuring tone of voice, combined with your smile as you gaze into her eyes
  • Singing a soothing song (such as from the Bond With Baby Songs) and using rhythmical movement such as swaying and rocking to create a feeling of relaxation
  • The skin-to-skin (Kangaroo Care) contact of parent-to-baby has not only been proven to be beneficial for premature babies (for stabilising their heartbeat and breathing, increases time spent sleeping, weight gain increases and improvement in breast-feeding and decreases crying) but it can also be beneficial for full-term babies.
  • Using touch such as stroking/rhythmical patting and massage
  • Baby in PouchCarrying Baby in a sling or pouch strapped to you makes her feel secure.

Sling warning: In the US, Canada and Australia there have been incidences of infant deaths while sleeping in slings, and injuries caused by infants falling out or from the sling slipping. Parents need to constantly monitor their baby in a sling. A baby’s face needs to be seen - facing outward - with no covering of the mouth and nose, and the chin should not be pushed down into the chest (as in the fetal position) as this can block their airway.

  • Listening and dancing to music together

Of course, some of these techniques can be combined e.g. singing to Baby while you are having Kangaroo Care time.

Yet sometimes you may just need to get out and take in some 'air'. So,

  • Go out walking together for a change of scenery