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The Parents' Trap

There is so much to choose from when looking for children's toys. Unfortunately, parents can spend an enormous amount of money on things that really have very little potential to be a source of children's fun, creative development and learning e.g. a robot toy that has 1 button to press to make a single sound OR a (toy) animal that rolls over when you pull a cord! OK, such toys might be cute but assess their overall benefits before spending money.

Making it even more difficult for parents to buy 'worthwhile' toys and do the best they can for Baby are the effects of advertising. Advertising can trap parents into believing their children 'need' all the latest in electronic toys and DVDs that 'turn baby into a genius'.

To put it straight, no scientific research has found that babies benefit from such toys and DVDs. Furthermore you need to consider the effects of putting your baby in front of a TV/computer screen. If you want to know more about the effects of television on babies and toddlers, go to the Forum link above and select the Topic: 'Entertaining Babies Using Television and DVDs'.

Importantly, babies are born with the ability to think and develop creativity in an environment that gives them opportunities to explore. With you providing a simple but stimulating surrounding, Baby's learning will be continuous - as will her skills to master the challenges of her environment.