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Bonding & Beyond

Why Bonding is Crucial to Baby

Mother and Baby

Babies are born with highly tuned emotional and social needs. The bonding process and the continual love and protection of parents 'nourishes' such needs in order for babies to develop a sense of security about the world to which they are born. With this sense of security babies become 'attached' to parents, which provides a crucial link the their development and wellbeing into the childhood years ... and beyond. (Infant Attachment is discussed Next.) If, over time a baby is denied affection and warmth, she is 'starved' of what aids this growth and wellbeing.

Note: Recent research has found that as primary caregivers, mothers' high levels of warmth and affection for their baby within the first year of life is not only associated with the baby developing a secure attachment and wellbeing but it has a 'carry-over' effect into the childhood and adult years. Young adults who experienced such maternal qualities during infancy are likely to show lower levels of distress and fewer depressive symptoms than those who experienced low to medium levels of warmth and affection.