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Instrumental Music

Mother and BabyThe purpose of the instrumental pieces in the program is to provide a sample of slow tempo music appropriate for soothing and when calm is needed. You may already have your own enjoyable selection of music for relaxation that you are using with Baby e.g. for rocking/swaying with Baby, massage or simply sitting together and listening. The music you choose (just keep in mind that research shows babies prefer listening to harmonious music) and how you use it for relaxation is very much a personal preference. The important part is to enjoy 'time out' each day.

To listen to the recordings click on their titles below.

Twinkle Twinkle (instrumental) - hum, sing, sway or rock Baby as you wind down

Newborn Improvization - chill out just by taking time out with Baby

Go with the Flow - the sound of the waves provides a rhythmical flow which could be used for stroking Baby or just close your eyes together and drift off

Let's Waltz - why not take up some floor space and waltz around with Baby

Brahms' Lullaby (instrumental) - for lulling Baby when sleep is needed



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