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The Bop with Baby Songs

Baby with BlocksThe program's songs consist of two distinct styles traditionally sung to babies: playsongs for up-beat fun time and lullabies/wind-down songs for soothing and relaxing.

Baby with XylophoneThe playsongs are for having fun with singing, performing actions (e.g. hand clapping) and dancing, and can be used anytime when fun is needed ... from playtime, bath-time to singing in the car! As Baby develops, musical instruments can be added to your 'performances' which can simply be Baby hanging on to a rattle and shaking as you sing together.

Gradually, Baby will progress to extending 'band' playing skills as s/he sits and creates music for enjoyment: all of which will encourage Baby's motor and language development, cognitive learning and social/emotional wellbeing as s/he continues to grow into the toddler and pre-school years.

The lullabies/wind-down songs are for soothing when Baby is upset, when calm is needed and when preparing for sleeptime (discussed in Caregiving Routines and Baby's Crying → Soothing Baby). As they are slow in tempo, rhythmical movement with Baby such as swaying/rocking and gentle patting or stroking will help to bring about a feeling of peacefulness.

To begin ...

From the very first day, Baby will be soothed by your singing. So, the first type of song you choose as part of bonding with Baby will be one that expresses your love and sensitivity as you sing with tenderness (e.g. I am here, my beautiful Baby). A lullaby for sleep should also be included as a start to developing Baby's bedtime routine. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is another 'early days' favourite that can be sung e.g. during nappy/diaper changing and dressing routine or whenever!

Gradually, as Baby begins to spend more time awake during the day, playsongs can be introduced slowly and sensitively. Then by 3 to 4 months your repertoire of songs, including those you may have composed with Baby, will fill your day with delight. Baby will be enjoying the true spirit of fun as he starts to give out a giggle and 'sing along' with you. By 5 to 6 months there will be no holding back ... together sharing the fun! Then, as Baby begins to pull himself up to stand he will do his own version of 'The Baby Bop'.

As a starting point, I have provided some suggestions for your actions as you sing to Baby. However, these are only suggestions. Enjoy making up your own actions, and as Baby develops, so too will your 'performances'.